Rio Bingo

Rio Bingo is a 90 numbers bingo game and can be played with 12 cards per round. Each ticket has 3 lines and each line has 9 cells, 5 of them hold numbers out of the 90 possible. Each card is unique, with a total of 15 numbers per card, no repetition. So each card pays a win on one line, so two lines or a full house. Each card offers a Random prize. If you play Rio Bingo you have to set the number of cards you wishes to play. When clicking on an inactive blue card it will become active and turn green. When clicking on an active green card it will become inactive and turn blue. Number of cards can also be set by using the controls set to the sides of the active cards counter. You can set the value of the price per ticket with the controls set at the sides of the price counter.
The total bet per round is number of active cards times the price per card. To start a round you can press the PLAY button or use the spacebar.
When a round starts, 45 balls will be drawn from the machine, coming in 3 consecutive waves. Each wave consists of 15 balls which will fill the tray in the center of the screen, stay for a short while and be removed to make way for the next wave of balls. Each ball drawn will be marked on the big numbers board, first wave balls in orange, Second wave in purple and third in green.
Any card with matching numbers will be similarly marked.
When all 45 balls are drawn, all cards with winnings will be highlighted. Each card pays a win on one line, two lines or a full house.

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